Monday, October 1


Both kids have been sick with a cough and runny nose. But that didn't stop us from having a good weekend.
Saturday, my sister and I took an all day scrapbooking class from 10-5pm. We made a beautiful Fall album, and now I can't wait to put our autumn pictures in it. I love this time of year! When I got home both Tom and Samuel were going stir crazy, you would have thought I was gone for days by the way they were acting. We headed over to the climbing gym so the boys could release some of their energy! Abigail and I tagged along and enjoyed watching them. I believe this is going to be a regular father/son activity since Sam has already asked to go back.

Sunday was a stay at home and relax day, if that exist. I cleaned my car, and I'm embarrassed to say that I filled up an entire grocery bag with toys! We now have a new rule--only two small toys are allowed in mommy's car, if I find more than two, they are thrown in the trash. We'll see how long this last. I think alomst every kid on our street was at our house while I was cleaning my car, I had plenty of helpers to say the least. It started with Samuel & Will playing then Amanda & Amber joined in, followed by Zade & Adam. We spent the majority of the day outside enjoying the nice weather!

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