Tuesday, October 9

Little Miss Personality

At 16 months, Abigail's "toddler" personality has really been shining through.

She can say "mama, dada, night night, hi & thank you." She can "moo" like a cow, "quack" like a duck, "hiss" like a snake, "Ho Ho Ho" like Santa and hoot like an Owl......! She loves to empty out all cabinets and drawers while a mint's worth of toys sit in our playroom, undisturbed! Go figure!

When asked to show her muscles (thanks to her daddy & brother) she holds up her hands and tightens her fist so tight that her face and entire body shake. It's the funniest thing ever. I remember when Samuel did this for the first time around this age. We were sitting at the dinner table and for a split second Tom and I thought he was having a seizure. LOL

She no longer walks, she runs everywhere. Boo boo's are starting to happen frequently, this week she has a bruise on her cheek (she ran into a pole at the park), a scratch on her chin (she ran into the coffee table), and a scrape on her poor nose from taking a nose dive down our driveway. If you were to see her, one might think she has been in a cat fight and lost!

Her 4th bottom (front) tooth is finally coming in so maybe her teeth won't look so silly & unbalanced when she smiles that crazy smile.:-)

A few things the little stinker has done over the past few weeks...
-taken off her pajama top on more than one occasion. I went in her room the other day she had gotten her left arm stuck in the neck of her shirt.

-she loves to throw her elephants out of her crib during naptime which results in either no nap or me going in there several times to give them back to her.

We are having so much fun with her.

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