Thursday, October 18

Fall Festivities

Georgetown vs. Fordham

We took Samuel to his first football game on Saturday at Georgetown University. We met Memaw, Pepaw, Mikey, Uncle Bill, Aunt Chris & Andrew. Samuel enjoyed the game, and Pepaw and Uncle Bills team, Fordham, beat the Hoyas 38-31. It was a fantastic game with Georgetown mounting a second half come back that had us all on the edge of our seats hoping Fordham would pull it off. Fordham stopped Georgetown on downs with just over a minute left and was then able to run out the clock for the WIN! The highlight of the game for Samuel was when he got to give the Fordham football players high five's as they ran onto the field after halftime and the Georgetown team high five's as they were walking off the field after loosing the game. GO FORDHAM! He was a trooper and made it through the entire game but towards the end he was ready to go. Unfortunately mommy, daddy, Memaw , and Pepaw were not leaving with the score as close as it was. It was a great game, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you Pepaw taking us and we look forward to rooting on Fordham next year!

After the game we picked Abigail up from my mom's then headed over to meet everyone for dinner. Abby & Kelly had fun playing together in their matching pants from Gymboree (no, it wasn't planned) but don't they look cute!

Sunday morning we met Amy, Andrew, Trace-Ann, Dan & Olivia at the Corn Maze. Abigail had her first encounter with a pony and lets just say I think she will be okay if she never has to sit on one again. She loves animals as long as they aren't too close. Our little princess did not want to cooperate when I tried to take their picture with the pumpkins. What a little stinker. Everyone had fun running around, bouncing in the moon bounce, launching water balloons, going in the corn maze etc. Abigail was so tired by the time we left, she fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot.


Amy W said...

My favorite picture of all is Abby standing behind the pumpkin - what a little cutie!

DLR said...

Nothing as beautiful as a sleeping baby! Abby looks so peaceful! Fun times were had by all!