Thursday, November 8

Little Artists

So, after being home yesterday afternoon and getting a little stir crazy, I decided the kids and I should sit down and paint together. I also wanted them to paint a picture for my artwork picture frame. I gave Abby the paint brush and away she went..until she realized it was easier to just use her hands. This was her first painting experience which I assumed she would like since she loves to color. She sat there for a good 30 minutes painting! Too cute!
Samuel loves to do anything crafty! He wanted to color first & then paint. So, he drew himself, Abigail, Daddy & Isabelle. When I asked him where I was, he replied "Your taking the picture!" Do you think he's trying to tell me something? I mean my 16 month old will now run over to me after I've taken her picture and point to the back of my camera and grunt twice--this translates in Abby language to show me the picture, lady!

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Chris A. said...

sooo cute! I love the comparison of the two pictures of Abby - in the first, the paint colors are neatly separated and she's daintily holding the brush. Then I love the second one with the colors all mixed and her messy, messy hands! adorable!