Saturday, September 8

Weekend Fun!


Daddy and Samuel met some friends at the Cole Brother's Circus Friday night. From what I hear, after having cotton candy, popcorn & soda Samuel was ready to come home about 15 minutes into it, stating that he was too tired. He did however bring a friend home with him, whom his sister is not too fond of. See photo on the left.

Game Day-

Saturday morning Samuel had his first soccer game. He made contact with the ball several times (a major improvement from his 1st season) until he started sweating and asked the coach if he could rest. In his defense, it was very hot. :-) Go Hawks!

White's Ferry-
Saturday afternoon we took the ferry over to the MD side for a boating adventure. We originally planned to rent a canoe but since only two can fit we opted for a row boat ( I guess that's what you call it.) Tom rowed for the most part...until the boys gave me a turn. Apparently, I need to brush up on my rowing skills because "going in circles gets you nowhere" so I was ordered to stay in the back with Abby while Samuel navigated from the front. As I was watching Tom row I couldn't help but sing "Row, Row, Row, your boat....gently down the stream..." I still have that stupid song stuck in my head and it's 11pm! All in all this was a great experience and something we will definitely do again!

Dinosaur Park & Tiny Dancers

Sunday morning we had playgroup at Dinosaur park. Abigail stayed home with daddy which allowed me to visit a little more vs. running around chasing after her. The kids ran around for two solid hours and really enjoyed themselves.

After playgroup we ran by the house, grabbed Abigail and headed to Olivia's 6th birthday party. When we arrived (late of course) all of the girls were dressed in tutu's. Samuel looked up at me and said "mommy, when is this party over? I don't want to wear a tutu!" I had warned him ahead of time that he was going to be the only boy and I gave him the option of attending or not. Since he and Olivia are so close, he chose to go. The theme of the party was Cinderella. After they danced and decorated crowns it was time to read the story Cinderella. As all of the kids were sitting criss-cross applesauce Samuel politely said "I hate this story," but he managed to sit through it, THEN it was time to re-enact the story to music. All of the girls in their princess dresses and Samuel in black jacket (with tails) as the prince. Samuel informed the lady that he DID NOT want to wear the jacket, he wanted to be Spiderman. Well, Peter Parker wears a jacket when he's not Spiderman, right? Although he was not sold on the idea, he was a good sport and wore it. At the end of the song Prince Samuel, I mean, Peter Parker got to try the glass slipper on ALL the girls to see if it fit! It was such a cute party, one that I will definitely consider having for Abby when she's older.

**I'll post pictures later this week--I left my memory card at my sister's.**

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Amber Turner said...

Okay, the visuals of the birthday party are HILARIOUS!!! What a riot! How did you remain non-hysterical the whole time...Samuel is so funny!