Monday, September 17

15 Month Check-Up & 4 Year Shots

Abby had her 15 month appointment today. She is 23 lbs 8oz (50-75%) and is 31 inches long (50-75%) and healthy. She's still not interested in talking but her doctor reassured me that she is perfectly normal and that Samuel just spoiled us by talking so young, so no speech therapy just yet. ;-) They also told us that she needs to have the cyst on the side of her head removed :-( so I will be contacting a surgeon in the next few weeks. She was born with it(it's about the size of a pea) and we have had her head x-rayed to make sure it isn't attached to the bone, so I know this will be minor surgery but I'm in no hurry to have my baby put to sleep again!

Samuel got his 4 yr shots today. I had warned him that he would be getting a few shots during this visit. He was a good sport and even offered to go first. But afterwards, he told me he never wanted to go back to that doctors office again!!! And he doesn't want to turn 5 years old because he will have to get more shots! I didn't have the heart to tell him that we will be going back in a few weeks to get flu shots! shhhhh don't tell him, he might run away from home.

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