Tuesday, September 4

1st day of school for Loudoun County

As we was driving through our neighborhood this morning we saw so many kids waiting for the bus. Parent's with camera's, kids posing for pictures...my mind quickly fast forwarded one year-When I will be the one standing on that very corner waiting for the bus to arrive. 1) Will he cry, 2) will he be shy or 3) will he get on that bus and not look back? I'm willing to put my $$ on #3. As I was driving and explaining to Sam that he will FINALLY be old enough to ride the bus in one year, my eyes teared up. Mainly because I know how fast the past 4.5 years have gone by, and before I know it September 2008 will be here! I cannot believe that this is his LAST year of preschool before kindergarten. But for now, I'm going to enjoy our time together, even on the days when he is driving me crazy. :-) I love you Sammy Sam!!!

T, J, A- we will definitely need to meet at Starbucks next year after we send our munchkins off to school...I think we will all need a shoulder that day! sniff...sniff...


Amber Turner said...

Girl, that is exactly what I and a bunch of other moms did...met at Starbucks for the weep session!! haha!

Jennifer said...

most definitely!!! I cannot believe we only have one more year until they're in school! OH NO!