Monday, July 30

Happy Monday


Monday mornings we like to go to the library. They offer a 30 minute program (0-18 months) called Baby Lapsit that includes a short story, songs, fingerplays, nursery rhymes, and silly dances along with 30 minutes of free play. This gives Abby the opportunity to interact with other children her age and also allows Samuel to check out new books. The first few times we attended Abby would not dare get out of my lap. She can be very shy at times unlike her big brother. BUT, I am happy to report that Abigail participated and interacted during the entire class today. Way to go Abby!

Here's a few photos from today.

Doesn't she look like such a little priss in this picture? The girl loves necklaces!

Flying Samuel
Look who's riding in the jeep for the first time!

Abby's first mishap (a bloody nose boo-boo)

And the worst mother of the week award goes too.......ME.....and it's only Monday! Abby fell in our driveway last night, face first. Poor, Poor baby!

The picture on the left was taken shortly after it happened--the picture on the right was taken today.

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