Sunday, July 15

1 Molar, 1 lateral incisor & another Molar = 1 cranky baby

I've been wondering why Abby has been so clingy and cranky lately. I just chalked it up to her being spoiled rotten while in CA.

Well, it looks like she's been working on getting some new teeth. As we were in route to OBX, I noticed something white in the back of her mouth--A NEW TOOTH, a molar in fact! I poked around a little more and discovered 2 more teeth just beginning to surface. Poor baby, as if learning to walk wasn't enough on her plate!

As of July 7th she has 4 teeth on top (both central & lateral incisors) and 3 teeth (both central incisors & right-first molar) on bottom with 2 more (right-lateral incisor & left-first molar)working their way through.

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