Tuesday, March 4

5 Years Old!

It's been a fun weekend at our house. Samuel turned five on Friday, but the celebrating began on Thursday with Spiderman cupcakes for his class and continued through Saturday. Thursday morning when I went in to wake him, he was very emotional. He immediately started to cry and said " Mommy, 5 is going to be a tough age, I want to stay 4 forever." I later realized that he believed since he was turning 5 that he would no longer be going to his current school so once I explained he had another 6 months before he went to kindergarten, he was okay. Poor boy.

Friday when he woke up he came running into my room...
Sam- "Guess what mommy? I'm FIVE, and I like being FIVE!"
(we talked for a few minutes, and I sang Happy Birthday to him)
Sam- "Did the Easter Bunny come last night? I saw presents downstairs on the fireplace." Mommy- "No honey, those are your birthday presents from mommy, daddy & Abigail"Sam- "Oh, I thought the balloons were Easter eggs! Can I open my presents now?"

Friday afternoon we had a nice outing at the movies seeing Horton Hears a Who. I told Samuel he could invite one friend, he chose his friend/cousin Lawton and of course said Olivia could come along if she wanted. Grandma'ma, Aunt Ansleigh, Lawton & Olivia met us there. The kids loved it! By the time we arrived at home Memaw & Pepaw were waiting for us. Samuel opened his presents, and then we grabbed dinner and came back to the house for strawberry cake per Samuel's request. He made us hide in the kitchen, so we could yell "surprise" when he walked in. He also had a trick candle on his cake and thought it was hilarious.

Make A Wish
What a funny candle
The tricky fairy must be up there relighting it
Look at it
I'll try one more time....
On Saturday, Samuel had his moonbounce party at Sport Bounce of Loudoun. Talk about chaos, but everyone had a fun time. After the party family members came back to our house to watch/help Samuel open his presents. Memaw also cooked a delicious meal, spaghetti with meatballs & sausage, a request from Samuel.

The birthday boy!~
Darth Vader & Batman

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