Monday, August 13

It's my birthday...

Don't worry, I didn't know either until this afternoon when Samuel informed me. Much to my surprise, I had many many presents waiting for me. I even had a "special" wrapped one.
Setting up!

One by one he handed the presents to me. He was so excited to see my reaction to each gift. "Now mommy, here's a bear blanket to keep you warm...This is a superhero that you can play with... oh, and here are some blocks so you can build a tall tower." Can you guess what was in the wrapped package? A blueberry pie made out of playdoh..delicious.

Look at all my presents!!!

A birthday's not a birthday without cupcakes, now is it?;-), if I only knew how old I was turning today!!!
**BTW-My birthday is in January**


Me said...

TAG - Hav, Samuel has such a great little imagination. What a sweet little boy!!

girlymomma said...

Happy Birthday!! I celebrated mine two weeks ago while we were away. C is still asking when we can have cake! :) Hope you have a great one! I love the presents!!