Sunday, June 17

A timeline of the day Abigail was born...

I often wonder how we would communicate if we didn't have e-mail. I guess, I would have to actually pick up the phone! Which I am terrible at doing.

During my delivery Papa was in charge of sending updates to everyone via his BlackBerry. As I look back one year later...I am so glad Papa e-mailed everyone because I now have a timeline of the day Abigail was born! I'm sure Abby will one day love reading about it!

  • Sent: Sat Jun 17 02:32:27 2006
    Subject: Havalynn headed to hospital
    We are meeting there to pick up Samuel.

  • pain every 6 minutes. We are back home with Samuel
    He told me "Papa it's time.
    And I asked--
    Its time for what?
    He said "papa its time for it to come out".
    It is 305am.

  • Water broke at 530 am. Epidural but no prtsn.

  • Dr arrives at 745. No prtsn. Going to "rock" her every 15 min.
    Dilation now from 4 to between 5 and 6.

  • Sent: Sat Jun 17 09:10:35 2006
    Subject: Re: havalynn in hospital
    Dilation over 9. We are headed to hospital. Me Carlotta and Samuel. Later.

  • Sent: Sat Jun 17 12:53:30 2006
    Subject: Re: havalynn in hospital
    The "pushing" started about 10 min ago. It is 1250pm . Dr says she wants to decide within hour as to whether there a C-section.
    Papa carlotta samuel and ansleigh in lobby waiting.

  • Sent: Sat Jun 17 13:10:30 2006
    Subject: Re: havalynn in hospital
    Dr decides c section. Stay tuned

  • Sent: Sat Jun 17 13:42:43 2006
    Subject: Re: havalynn in hospital
    Slight delay. CSection not started yet. She is still in her room. It is 140 pm

  • Sent: Sat Jun 17 14:41:44 2006
    Subject: Re: havalynn in hospital
    Baby here. Six pounds over 20•
    Inches. Saw her no name yet Samuel wants to
    Take her home.
    Dr says mom and baby girl fine. No name yet.

Subject:Abigail has touched down

Pleased to report the our eleventh granchild arrived giving me the greatest gift for Fathers Day--a baby girl---my third grandaughter to go with the eight grandsons.


Weighing in at 7.10oz. And 20.4 in

At 214 pm on Saturday June 17 2006

She will be called "Abigail"

Labor pains started in 45 minute intervals as I Jetblued home Friday evening from ONeill's retirement dinner in Long Beach California

Carlotta and I met family in front of hospital at 3am Sat morning as they arrived with dog Isabelle and son Samuel to give to us to take to our house .

Daughter Havalynn in pain said to me---"I told you I would wait til you got home from Long Beach!!!!"

Grandson Samuel Adams age 3 said from the car seat of our car in the darkness of the morning said calmly--"Papa-its time."And I asked-"time for what Samuel?" And he replied--"Its time for her to come out"He was right. Abigail has touched down to join us.

We are blessed and thankful to God to report that daughter and grandaughter are well.

Tom Cochran----Papa.

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