Friday, August 22

Dutch Wonderland

We had so much fun at Dutch Wonderland. As you can see...we don't have to worry about Miss Priss being a construction worker! This was not her thing. She wanted off, but we managed to keep her on until the ride was over.

Wheeee.....arms up! Abigail just did make the height requirement for the roller coaster. Samuel was brave enough to sit in the front seat.

Samuel was very sweet and road most rides with Abigail, even the boring ones!
Here Abigail's giving me the "thumbs up" because she finally had a turn in the princess car. You can't see it, but there's a princesss on the very back. We actually wait in line and when it came her turn she refused to sit in the other cars because it wasn't the "princess" car so we waited and when it was our turn we made a mad dash to her car!

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